Admission to study at the Computer Science Department of École Normale Supérieure 


Please read the ADMISSION page of École Normale Supérieure de Paris.

Three  possibilities of admission to predoctoral studies 



The ENS welcomes students from all nationalities to prepare the  ENS diploma...

The ENS diploma consists in a Master's degree and a complementary training. Its preparation lasts 3 years (L3, M1, M2).

Coming from French preparatory classes, French or Foreign universities and colleges,
these  students are selected at the end of their undergraduate studies after a careful examination of their application files and an interview...

Please read the ADMISSION - Recruitments Based upon Written Application page of ENS.

The exact dates of application (between April and mid July) and the application process to the ENS Diploma in computer science
are detailed each year on http://diplome.di.ens.fr/Candidature.html.

The students admitted to prepare the ENS diploma arrive at ENS in the beginning of September. They attend the same courses as the students who have succeeded the sciences entrance examination or the international selection.

N.B. The students admitted to prepare the ENS diploma  do not have the  status of  student-civil servants and therefore receive neither salaries nor grants from the ENS. 

If necessary, the applicants must apply for a grant via the CNOUS-CROUS website before the end of May. 


Information on the predoctoral studies in computer science at ENS  :

Admission to doctoral studies

 For admission to doctoral studies at the computer science  department, please read the ENS admission process to doctoral programs.