ENS Courses in Computer Science – Admission

There are three paths to enter the computer science department of ENS:

In all three cases, admission is in the first year (L3 level) and not at the Master 's level, even when students recruited through the international selection or the Concours Normalien Étudiant already hold a Bachelor's.This is usually not an issue, as the originality and (research-oriented) positioning of the curriculum already in the first year makes it of interest for most students holding a Bachelor 's.

Students interested in a Master's programme in Computer Science within PSL are invited to consult information about the Master 's Degree in Computer Science in PSL, with tracks managed by Université Paris-Dauphine. See also the information related to the Graduate Program in Computer Science of PSL, which includes information about PhD studies. In particular, a special five-year PhD track fully-funded program, including both Master's and PhD studies at PSL, is offered.

More information on admission into the 4 Écoles normales supérieures (in French).